Streaks is now a Universal Purchase

We launched Streaks for Mac before Universal Purchase was supported on macOS, which meant until now, users had to pay separately for both the iOS and Mac versions.

As of today, Streaks is a Universal Purchase. This means you only need to buy it once to download it on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and macOS.

At this time, there is no simple built-in way for us to migrate users from the previous version of Streaks for Mac to the new Universal Purchase version.

We have taken the following steps to ease the transition:

  1. Streaks is now a Universal Purchase on the iOS App Store and Mac App Store. This means if you have already bought it for your iPhone, you can download it for free on your Mac.
  2. The previous Mac version is now a free download on the Mac App Store and will receive updates until March 1, 2022, when it is no longer supported.

Note: We're aware that for some users who have already bought Streaks for iOS, the new Mac version appears in the Mac App Store as requiring a new purchase. This is an App Store display bug that we're trying to get resolved. You will not be charged again.

The previous version will soon show a message to help you switch over to the new version.

How to migrate to the new Streaks for Mac:

  1. If the old version is running on your Mac, quit the app.
  2. Download the new version from the Mac App Store.
  3. Open the new version.
  4. Optionally, remove the old version.

Your data will automatically transition to the new version, and as usual will sync with the iOS version.

Note: You may need to enable to iCloud task sync functionality again once you run the new version. Go to Settings > iCloud > Enable Task Sync.

If you've previously paid for Streaks for Mac:

We recognise that some users may have recently purchased Streaks for Mac. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to issue refunds, but you may be able to request one from Apple.

  • If you already own Streaks for iOS, no cost! You can simply download the new Streaks for Mac from the Mac App Store.
  • If you do not already own Streaks for iOS, please email and we will do our best to help you out.

Thank you for being a Streaks user!