Streaks 7.5 and iCloud Sync

Today we've released a major update to Streaks that improves the reliability of syncing across devices.

We recognise these changes may impact the way some people use Streaks, but they are extremely important as we continue to improve and evolve the app.

Device Compatibility

Streaks 7.5 requires your devices run one of the following:

  • iOS/iPadOS 14 or newer
  • watchOS 7 or newer
  • macOS 11 or newer

If you're using multiple devices, they must all be running Streaks 7.5 or newer for data to sync.

We understand there may be some users who are unable to update their operating systems to these versions. We apologise for this change. At this time you should still be able to run Streaks 7.3.x or older, which is compatible with iOS 12+ and watchOS 5+.

Data Migration

When you first launch Streaks 7.5, your data is automatically migrated to use the new sync system. This process occurs on each of your devices.

Before the migration occurs, your data is backed-up to the Settings > Manage Data > Backups screen. You can restore the backup by selecting it and following the prompts.

If you previously had task sync disabled, it will remain off unless you manually activate it from the Settings > iCloud screen. Apple Watch users must enable this function from the paired iPhone to continue syncing. More on this in the next section.

Apple Watch

On the Apple Watch, we're working towards allowing you to create, edit and delete your task directly, instead of needing to use your iPhone, iPad or Mac.

In order for us to reach this goal, we must change how your tasks are transferred to Apple Watch.

Previously, we used Watch Connectivity, which meant that your data was transferred from the connected iPhone over Bluetooth.

In Streaks 7.5, your Apple Watch is kept up-to-date from iCloud. This also helps to update your other devices more reliably when you use Apple Watch to complete your tasks.

We understand there may be some Streaks users on Apple Watch who prefer not to use iCloud at all. We apologise for this change but hope you understand our rationale here.

Thanks For Reading

We know changes like this can be difficult for some users. We hope this explanation makes sense. We welcome your feedback: