Streaks for Apple Vision Pro

With the recent release of Apple Vision Pro, we have released a native version of Streaks for the new device.

While we could have released the iPad version of Streaks on Apple Vision Pro, we wanted to offer a native experience that looks and feels like Apple Vision Pro apps should!

Streaks for Apple Vision Pro lets you open separate windows for your pages and tasks.

One of the key things we wanted to add in this version is the ability to place your tasks in relevant locations.

For example:

  • Place your "Water the Plants" task near your plant
  • Place the "Clean the Coffee Machine" task by the coffee machine.

You can pop any task - or page of tasks - out and move it to where it makes the most sense.

Placing tasks around the kitchen.

At this time, tasks can be configured on your iPhone, iPad or Mac. You can mark tasks as complete directly from Apple Vision Pro.

Streaks is now available as a Universal Purchase for Apple Vision Pro. Existing users can download it for free.

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