Now Available: Streaks for iOS 17 & watchOS 10

Today we have released Streaks 9.3, which adds the following improvements for iOS 17 and watchOS 10:

  • Interactive widgets for completing tasks and starting timers
  • Interactive Live Activities
  • Support for StandBy mode
  • Support for iPhone 15 Pro action button
  • An all-new design for Apple Watch
  • Support for Smart Stacks on Apple Watch
  • "Time in Daylight" task

This is a huge update, and we thank our TestFlight users for their help and feedback!

Interactive Widgets

When using the "Tasks" widget, you will now see a checkmark icon on tasks, indicating you can complete them directly from the widget.

Complete tasks directly from the widget

For timed tasks, a Play/Pause button appears instead, allowing you to start or pause timed tasks.

Start or pause timers directly from the widget

If a task has the "Open URL" or "Run Shortcut" action button assigned, that will appear instead. When you tap the button, the URL will be opened, or the Shortcut will run.

Open a URL or run a shortcut directly from the widget

Interactive Live Activities

Just like with interactive widgets, you can pause/resume timers directly from your iPhone's lock screen or Dynamic Island.

Pause or resume timed tasks from the Dynamic Island

Streaks supports multiple Live Activities at once, and the progress animates while the timer is running.

Pause or resume Live Activities directly from the lock screen

If you pause a Live Activity, it remains on your lock screen for a short time to allow you to resume if necessary.


In iOS 17, your phone enters StandBy when on charge and in landscape. You can show Streaks widgets and Live Activities in StandBy.

Streaks Widgets and Live Activities appear in StandBy

Support for iPhone 15 Pro Action Button

Streaks already has extensive support for the Shortcuts app and App Intents, meaning you can map the new iPhone 15 Action Button to any of these shortcuts.

Streaks has extensive support for the Shortcuts app

All-New Apple Watch Design

In watchOS 10, apps now use full-color edge-to-edge designs. We've updated Streaks to use this new design language. The watch app will now mirror the theme selected in the iPhone app.

All-new design for the Streaks Apple Watch app

Smart Stacks

In watchOS 10, moving the Digital Crown now shows the Smart Stack, which is a list of widgets that are relevant based on time of day or location.

Streaks will appear in the watchOS 10 Smart Stack

Streaks will suggest to the system when it should appear in the Smart Stack, or you can manually add Streaks widgets so it always appeaars.

Time In Daylight

In iOS 17, the Health app now supports Time In Daylight, which is automatically estimated by Apple Watch. Streaks has a new task you can use to set a goal for this type of data.

Download Now

Streaks 9.3 is a free upgrade for existing users, or you can download from the App Store.