Introducing: Little Streaks

Today we are announcing Little Streaks, our new app for iPhone and iPad.

Little Streaks is an app to help kids form good habits! We've built on what we've learned with Streaks and tailored it to the needs of children.

The app is centered around completing routines, which are groups of up to six tasks. Your child marks their tasks as complete once done, as it's this action that reinforces the behavior and makes them want to complete each task again next time.

Little Streaks is structured in a way that not only helps children reinforce good habits, but is also extremely flexible, so you can adapt it to your and your child's needs.

Unlike Streaks, any given routine or task doesn't need to be completed each day. Instead, when your children need some motivation to do certain things, Little Streaks is there to help.

You can download Little Streaks now for free on the App Store.

For Parents and Children

Little Streaks is designed to be used by both parents and children:

  1. You (the parent) creates the tasks and routines in the app.
  2. Your child performs the necessary tasks in their day-to-day lives.
  3. As they complete each task, your child marks it as done in Little Streaks by long-pressing on the task.

The next day, all tasks are reset to be incomplete, allowing your child to complete them all once again.

Sleepy Time is one of the sample routines. You can also add your own tasks.

It's Streaks... But For Kids

In Streaks, users can organise tasks as they like across each of their pages. These can be health tasks, timed tasks, week-long tasks and more!

In Little Streaks, the app is designed around routines instead: a routine consists of up to six related tasks. For example, the app includes the "Sleepy Time" routine, which involves the things a child needs to do before they go sleep.

Little Streaks includes a number of sample tasks, but you can create your own routines and create tasks with any name or icon that best suits the needs of your children.

Choose and Customize Routines

Where Are The Stats?

Young children very much live in the here-and-now. Rather than focusing on the number of consecutive days a task or routine is completed, these kinds of statistics are not shown at all.

Instead, the focus should just be on completing relevant routines in any given day.

In our extensive testing, we found that younger children responded best to the act of marking their tasks as complete, and gave no consideration to how frequently they actually completed them.

Choose icons and sounds, and customize how routines look.

Make The App Your and Your Child's Own

To help increase buy-in from your children, we've made many parts of the app customizable:

  • Choose an icon (or initials) to represent your child. Each icon comes with its own unique color scheme.
  • Every routine can have its own title, color scheme and pattern icon.
  • You can assign sound effects to each routine, or each task individually to help bring further enjoyment to your child in marking tasks as complete.

This lets you setup each routine in a way that helps your child visualize which tasks need to be completed. For example, the "Sleepy Time" routine uses dark colors to represent night time, while an "outdoors" routine may use nature green and brown colors.

Every icon has a unique color scheme.

Reduce Your Mental Load

We've designed Little Streaks to help parents with their children. As a parent, you can even create routines for yourself when it comes to remembering what you need to do on a daily basis for your children.

For example, if there's a specific set of tasks you need to remember to do each day to get your child ready for school, you can create a routine in the app just for you to complete!

Little Streaks Family

You can download and get started with Little Streaks for free, which lets you create one child and one routine in the app.

While children (and parents!) will get most value out of having multiple routines, we're confident even having one routine with six tasks will really help motivate your child to complete those tasks that normally prove difficult.

Our premium product is called Little Streaks Family, which allows you to add an unlimited number of children and routines to the app.

You can trial Little Streaks Family free for one week. To get started, sign up within the app.

An App You Can Trust

As an app listed in the App Store kids category, there are certain requirements that must be met. Little Streaks includes:

  • A parental gate to prevent children from engaging in commerce within the app, as well as whenever permissions requests may occur.
  • All content is age appropriate
  • No personally identifiable information is transmitted.

We take user privacy very seriously in our apps and have a long track record of publishing high-quality, trustworthy apps on the App Store. You can read the privacy policy, or view the Little Streaks App Privacy Score Card on the App Store.

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