Streaks 9.1 with Screen Time: Now Available

Today we have released Streaks 9.1, which adds all-new "Screen Time" tasks to help you reduce or increase your app usage.

For example, if you wanted to play less games, you would use the "Decrease Screen Time" task and select the "Games" category.

If you wanted to ensure you did at least an hour of answering emails, you could use the "Increase Screen Time" and select your email client from the app list.

How It Works

This feature has been added to Streaks in a privacy-preserving manner. That means the app doesn't actually know which apps, categories or web sites you've chosen:

  1. Open the "Add Task" screen in Streaks
  2. Select either "Decrease Screen Time" or "Increase Screen Time"
  3. Choose your target duration
  4. Select the app(s) you want monitored.

Streaks receives only an anonymous identifier representing each you've chosen. It doesn't include the app title or anything like that.

Throughout the day as you use the chosen apps, Streaks is only notified at two different times:

  1. When you're approaching some pre-defined limit (e.g. "1 minute remaining"). This is set using the task notification settings in Streaks.
  2. When you've reached the limit. For example, if you set a 30 minute limit, then Streaks would be notified once that 30 minute limit was reached. Streaks will then mark the task as missed/complete (depending on the task settings).

For more information about how this task works and how we've implemented it, we've also published Monitoring App Usage using the Screen Time Framework.

Available Now

You can download Streaks 9.1 for iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad and Mac from the App Store. The Screen Time feature is available on iOS devices.